Private lessons for kids

Let your child become a skiing or a snowboarding champion in no time. Private lessons are the most flexible and tailored lessons based on wishes and needs of an individual.





- You can choose between lessons for alpine skiing, snowboarding and freestyle lessons (snowboard & ski)

- We advise booking private lessons in advance, especially during holidays and weekends 

- Private lessons for night skiing (19:00 - 22:00) are also available and come with a free ski pass

- A private lesson lasts for 55 minutes

Lessons begin every full hour




- Personal touch

- Faster progress

 - Choice of lessons hours

 - Lessons are flexible & tailored to your wishes and needs

- Suitable for kids 3 years of age (ski lessons only)




- All our instructors are fluent in English, Slovenian, Croatian & Serbian language

- On request in advance it is also possible to conduct lessons in German or Italian language




Persons Price per hour During holidays ( 24.12.2022 - 08.01.2023 and
28.01.2023 - 12.02.2023 )
1 person 39 € 40 €
2 persons 53 € 55 €
*The price of private lesson does not include equipment and ski pass                     +386 (0)40 438 366                       Borovška cesta 103a, Kranjska Gora

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