Full day instructor hire

Skiing or snowboarding with your children or friends is one of the most fun times you will spend on the snow. Not only do you get to ski or snowoard with your children or friends, but you can also customize your day to fit your personal needs. Spend the day together, or split your time with your instructor. 
The day is all yours.




- Best value for groups or families that would like to get full attention of a private instructor

- You can choose a full day instructor for alpine skiing, snowboarding or freestyle lessons (ski & snowboard)

- Full day lessons start at 9:00 and finish at 16:00

- Lunch break is required and it is up to you to choose where and when

- Max. participants: 6





- All our instructors are fluent in English, Slovenian, Croatian & Serbian language

- On request it is also possible to conduct lessons in German or Italian language





1 day

270 €

2 days (-3%)

523 €

3 days (-5%)

769 €

  * The price does not include renting of equipment and ski passes (children up to 6 years old can ski without a ticket only if accompanied by at least one adult and using devices with them. Children up to 6 years of age using the machines independently treat children as children after six years of age and need valid ski pass, you can read more about ski passes on the side of the cable car RTC Kranjska Gora: http://www.kr-gora.si/eng/winter/tickets/tickets )

   info@skischool.si                    +386 (0)4 5881 810;   +386 (0)30 743 624                       Borovška cesta 103a, Kranjska Gora

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