From the basics to mountain exploration one day at a time. A fun learning environment with kids that are similar in age and ability levels.





By dividing kids into groups (levels), we guarantee the fastest progress, safety and fun.


Začetna skupina

L- Beginners

  • Kids learn how to stopsnow plow and turn
  • Kids use a carpet lift
    *Ski pass for the carpet lift is included in the price

L1 - Level 1

  • Kids learn how to use a button/poma lift on their own
  • Kids learn how to ski blue runs 
    *Ski pass is not included in the price

L2 - Level 2

  • Kids learn how to ski on steeper slopes
  • Kids learn how to ski parallel
  • Kids learn how to use ski poles whilst skiing
    *Ski pass is not included in the price

L3 - Level 3

  • Kids learn advanced skiing techniques
  • Kids learn how to ski steeper slopes
    *Ski pass is not included in the price





- All our instructors are fluent in English, Slovenian, Croatian & Serbian language

- On request it is also possible to conduct lessons in German, Italian or Macedonian language
                    +386 (0)4 5881 810;   +386 (0)40 438 366                       Borovška cesta 103a, Kranjska Gora

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