Group ski lessons for adults

No matter your skill level, there is always room to improve. Our two hour adult lessons are aimed specifically at the needs of skiers of all abilities - from first timers to advanced.




​- We run beginners, intermediate and advanced ski courses   ( lessons run for 2 hours )

-  Beginner courses: suitable for all who have never skied before

- Intermediate courses: suitable for those who have skied before but are not very confident

- Advanced courses: suitable for those who would like to step it up 

- A minimun of  3 participants are required to run the course

*Participants in the beginner course don't require a ski pass on their first day of the lessons

- Adult ski courses run only on request with an appointment in advance (




- All our instructors are fluent in English, Slovenian, Croatian & Serbian language

- On request in advance it is also possible to conduct lessons in German or Italian language







Course + equipment*

1 day 

  45 €

  60 €

 2 days

  67 €

  92 €

 3 days

  82 €

124 €

 4 days

  94 €

152 €

 5 days

  104 €

177 €

 6 days

117 €

197 €

   extra day

  20 €

30 €

  *Equipment contains:  skis + ski boots + poles

  * Booking equipment in advance is not possible.

  * The price does not include equipment hire and ski passes.
   For additional information about ski passes please have a look at the following link:                    +386 (0)4 5881 810;   +386 (0)40 438 366                        Borovška cesta 103a, Kranjska Gora

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